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Chairman’s Annual report for year 2005-06

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We were contacted in August 2005 by two solicitors on behalf of clients in prison. These were put in touch with our Honorary professional advisor.

We have started to support a man in Thailand using MSN on a one hour per week basis. Though a slow process, it is proving beneficial to the individual concerned.

Workshops continue to be held every two months, alternating a Beginners’ Workshop and an Improvers’ Workshop; each pair alternating between Manchester and London. In effect, six workshop were held during the year; fifty seven places were taken up by forty nine individuals.

Two past participants have been trained to the point where their next stage is to run the workshop themselves, with one of the two existing trained leaders as assistant.

In 2005 Professor Gardner gave a talk at the conference “Making Sense Of: Depression, Stress and Anxiety” held on11th May - 15th May 2005 in Budapest. This was followed up by a poster presentation at the conference by the Health Psychology division of the British Psychological Society in Coventry in September, and by a presentation at the conference held by the Scottish Branch of the British Psychological Society in Perth In November. This latter was picked up by the Press Association, resulting in exposure in several publications. Lastly the UKPT had a stand, and ran a workshop, at the Anxiety Disorders Conference in London in November.

The BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine program interviewed Professor Gardner in November, and the BBC Radio 4 program "All in the Mind" interviewed Andrew Smith and Professor Gardner on 6th December; this latter was especially important because it is a series hosted by Dr Raj Persaud, a psychologist.

We have been contacted by the weekly magazine Nursing Times, for an article to go into their quarterly supplement on continence. This has a wide distribution, and should bring the subject to the notice, not just of nurses, but also allied disciplines.

As a result of our webmaster’s efforts to get NHS Direct to include paruresis in their website, we have been contacted by the charity the Men’s Health Forum for information and case studies to go onto their consumer website Male Heath.

We were approached in November by a donor willing to provide funding to help the UKPT move forward. He has the experience of having set up a medical charity fifteen years ago, which is now self-funding. He has asked the CEO of that charity to look into ways of helping us, and these investigations are ongoing. In the meantime he has made a substantial donation to provide a bursary fund to help people to attend workshops.

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