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You may think that this condition is little known, but here is a list of sites that contain references and descriptions of it. It is longer than you would think.

Publication Date
The Times Online 26th Sept 2005
Urban Worrier
Anxiety Disorder Association of Victoria (ADVIC)  Nov 2005

Summary of 2004 global survey by the Australian researcher, Russell Gibbs

Broadcasting Doctor Article unknown
Avoidant Paruresis (AP) - Search for "AP" on this page.
National Health Service (UK) February 2006
Definition of Paruresis in On-Line Encyclopaedia of Conditions
Netdoctor Article 25th Sept 2000
Avoidant paruresis ('bashful bladder' syndrome)
American Urological Association July 2005
Definition of Paruresis in On-Line Encyclopaedia of Conditions
BBC 24th Oct 2001
Ask the Doctor– 'Urinating in public'
BBC 28th Nov 2002
Bashful Bladder
New York Times (article must be purchased) 14th April 2002
For Some, Drug Tests Are Almost Impossible
Observer/Guardian 8th Sept 2002
How bad is it?
Scotland on Sunday 26th May 2002
Out of the water closet: guilty secret of toilet terror revealed
ABC Australia 26th March 2003
Shy bladder syndrome
Web MD 2001
Help for the Shy Bladder
Web MD 11th June 2001
The Secret Social Phobia unknown
Can you Pee in Public? 13th May 2002
Why do men have trouble urinating at ballparks?
Wiley Interscience 4th Sept 2002
Sydney Morning Herald (registration required) 6th March 2002
Don't Look Now…you may have a bashful bladder 1st August 1998
Public Peeing Problems Put right
Canoe Health Canada 10th May 2003
Agony but no sympathy for bashful bladder (requires Acrobat reader) 3rd March 2003
Embodying Negative Motions

Here are some links to other sites which deal with health issues that some people associate with their ap.

Cystitis & Overactive Bladder foundation

There are bladder/bowel health issues associated with problems with pupil toilets in schools, and some opinion that there is an association with ap. The following are links to sites that are concerned with this aspect of child health.

Bog Standard Campaign (UK)

Advocate Site (USA)

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