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forthcoming events

Details of Beginners workshops are sent first by email to those who have requested to be so informed. After a while, the details are then posted on the Discussion Board and on the list below of Future Events. You can get further details by emailing Andrew.  Details of Follow-up workshops are first notified directly to previous workshop participants, and later put on the Board and the list below.

Please note: the use of the word "beginner" applies to people who have not previously attended a workshop. It has nothing to do with the severity of the condition experienced by the individual. This is purely because workshop formats differ slightly, depending on whether or not participants have been to one previously. Follow-up workshops are reserved for those who have attended a beginners’ workshop; such people can attend a follow-up workshop whenever they like.

Workshop participants sometimes make small informal groups to meet up for a drink and/or do some desensing. These groups are informal and are no longer organised by the UKPT.

Manchester Follow-Up Workshop 24th-26th Nov 2017

past events

Images taken of the UKPA/T stand at the Manchester Anxiety Disorder Conference can be viewed by following these links, and will open in a new window:

low resolution 78kb
high resolution 617kb

London Follow-Up Workshop 13th-15th Oct 2017
Manchester Beginners Workshop 8th-10th Sept 2017
London Beginners Workshop 14th-16th July 2017
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop 23rd-25th June 2017
London Follow-Up Workshop 5th-7th May 2017
Manchester Beginners Workshop 10th-12th March 2017
London Beginners Workshop 27th-29th Jan 2017
"tu quoque" fallacy.
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop 18th-20th Nov 2016
Manchester Beginners Workshop 16th-18th Sept 2016
London Follow-Up Workshop 15th-17th July 2016
London Beginners Workshop 20th-22nd May 2016
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop March 2016
Manchester Beginners Workshop Jan 2016
London Follow-Up Workshop 20th-22nd Nov 2015
London Beginners Workshop 25th-27th Sept 2015
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop 3rd-5th July 2015
Manchester Beginners Workshop May 2015
London Follow-Up Workshop March 2015
London Beginners Workshop Jan 2015
Manchester Beginners workshop September 2014
London Follow-Up Workshop July 2014
London Beginners Workshop May 2014
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop March 2014
Manchester Beginners Workshop January 2014
London Follow-Up Workshop November 2013
London Beginners Workshop September 2013
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop July 2013
Manchester Beginners Workshop May 2013
London Follow-Up Workshop March 2013
London Beginners Workshop January 2013
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop November 2012
Manchester Beginners Workshop September 2012
London Follow-Up Workshop July 2012
London Beginners Workshop May 2012
London Follow-Up Workshop November 2011
London Beginners Workshop September 2011
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop July 2011
Manchester Beginners Workshop 13th - 15th May 2011
London Beginners Workshop 21st - 23rd Jan 2011
London Follow-Up Workshop 19th - 21st Nov 2010
Manchester Beginners Workshop 8th - 10th Oct 2010
London Beginners Workshop 17th - 19th Sept 2010
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop 23rd - 25th April 2010
Manchester Beginners Workshop 29th - 31st Jan 2010
London Follow-Up Workshop 31st Jul - 2nd Aug 2009
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop 10th - 12th Jul 2009
London Beginners Workshop 26th - 28th Jun 2009
Manchester Beginners Workshop 22nd - 24th May 2009
London Follow-Up Workshop 13th - 14th Mar 2009
Manchester Beginners Workshop 20th - 22nd Feb 2009
London Beginners Workshop 16th - 18th Jan 2009
Manchester Follow-Up Workshop 28th - 30th Nov 2008
London Beginners Workshop 24th - 26th Oct 2008
Manchester Beginners Workshop 3rd - 5th Oct 2008
London Follow-up Workshop July 2008
London Beginners Workshop May 2008
Manchester Improvers Workshop 14th - 16th March 2008
Manchester Beginners Workshop 18th - 20th Jan 2008
London Improvers Workshop 9th - 11th Nov 2007
London Beginners Workshop 12th - 14th Oct 2007
London Beginners Workshop 21st - 23rd Sept 2007
Manchester Improvers Workshop 20th - 22nd July 2007
Manchester Beginners Workshop 18th - 20th May 2007
London Improvers Worksop 27th - 29th April 2007
London Improvers Workshop 23rd - 25th March 2007
London Beginners Workshop Feb 2007
London Beginners Workshop Jan 2007
Manchester Improvers Workshop 24 - 26th Nov 2006
Manchester Anxiety Disorders Conference Sat 11th Nov 2006
Manchester Beginners Workshop Sept 2006
London Improvers Workshop August 2006
London Improvers Workshop July 2006
London Beginners Workshop June 2006
London Beginners Workshop May 2006
Manchester Improvers Workshop 24th - 26th Mar 2006
Manchester Beginners Workshop 20th - 22nd Jan 2006
London Anxiety Disorders Conference 26th Nov 2005
London Improvers Workshop 18th - 20th Nov 2005
British Psychological Society (Health Psychology) Conference, Coventry

7- 8th Sept 2005

London Beginners Workshop Sept 2005
Manchester Improvers Workshop July 2005
Manchester Beginners Workshop May 2005
London Improvers Workshop March 2005
London Womens Workshop 11th - 13th Feb 2005
London Beginners Workshop 21st - 23rd Jan 2005
Manchester Improvers Workshop Nov 2004
Manchester Anxiety Disorders Conference 13th - 14th Nov 2004
Manchester Beginners Workshop 24th - 26th Sept 2004
London Improvers Workshop 6th - 8th Aug 2004
Womens Workshop Chicago USA 11th - 13th June 2004
London Beginners Workshop June 2004
London Improvers Workshop April 2004
London Beginners Workshop 13th - 15 th Feb 2004
Follow on Workshop Nov 2003
London Support Group Meeting 13th Sept 2003
Annual General Meeting 13th Sept 2003
Manchester Workshop 5th - 7th Sept 2003
Follow-on Workshop (of March Workshop) July 2003
North West Meeting – Manchester 17th May 2003
London Meeting 10th May 2003
Manchester Workshop 28th - 30th March 2003
London Meeting 8th Feb 2003
South West Meeting – Bristol 30th Nov 2002
South West Meeting – Bristol 5th Oct 2002
London Meeting 28th Sept 2002
North West Meeting – Manchester 14th Sept 2002
UK Support Group Meeting - Birmingham 20th July 2002
UK Support Group Meeting – Warwick 20 April 2002
London Workshop Jan 2002

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